Offroad tracks

Living in nature, scroll through virgin forests, knowing the legends and traditions areas involves Off Road towards a holiday. This approach involves various degrees of difficulty in addressing itineraries. Our proposed itineraries, will travel roads with medium difficulty, requiring 4x4 car, but without special equipment, with camping in tents (on the ground or on the roof of the car).
Few of the more than 12,000 special places in Romania-Romania Guide documented, less is known and marketed or likely to be achieved by those who want to reach them. Beautiful places in Romania can be discovered by a professional guide in a 4x4 vehicle, by an offroad Guide.


We provide:

  • Themed trips or on request in unique places in Romania;
  • Guide march through means of communication that are installed in cars to tourists, with which it will present continuous information on the objectives to be visited or objectives of the proximity of the road traveled by the tourist, traditions areas, about gastronomy, local myths and legends;
  • The guide targets that are visited according to the itinerary or to the wish of tourists (so we are very flexible in responding to interest tourists);
  • Assistance during camp, and during the whole trip;
  • Advice and counseling (including telephone) for offroad trips in Romania, roads, campgrounds, camping off camping, objectives, activities and events.

    Offroad experience allows us to choose special routes, likely to be traveled by 4x4.