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1. The ruins of the Iaz baths

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2. Baile 1 Mai

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Short Description: The "Baile 1 Mai" resort is located between two bihorn villages. On the left is the village of Rontau and on the right is the village of Haieu.

3. Baile Costiui

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Short Description: Baths are a memory of other times. Costiui was a tourist bastion for Sighet and a temptation for those in the Viseu-Borsa area.

4. Baile Harghita

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Short Description: It is a balneoclimatic and mountainous locality, and today it belongs to Miercurea Ciuc. In these places tourists receive rest and treatment, but at the same time they are meant for mountain hikers.

5. Băile Băiţa

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Short Description: Baile Baita is a spa resort located in Cluj County.

6. Bala Bath

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Short Description: The main natural therapeutic factors that recommend the Bala resort are the presence of oligo-weakly meso-sulfuric springs and sapropelic sludge.

7. White Balta

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Short Description: The sludge has enjoyed its reputation since 1857, being exploited to its full potential due to its properties. Hence the history of the renowned Pell Amar cosmetic product.

8. Baile Baltatesti

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Short Description: The resort is located in the Neamt Depression, in the center of Baltaţeşti commune, 34 km from Piatra Neamţ and 11 km from Tg. Neamţ.

9. Balvanyos Baths

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Short Description: The resort is located in the north of Covasna County between Turia and Bixad.

10. Baile Barla

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Short Description: The spa resort Bădeşti is recommended for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, of peripheral neurological diseases of the locomotor system.

11. Bazna Bai

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Short Description: Permanent spa, situated 72 km from Sibiu, recognized for the curative effects of its mineral water springs and therapeutic mud.

12. Baile Beltiug

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Short Description: The mineral waters in the area, used in the form of hot baths, have curative effects in the treatment of rheumatic, degenerative, articular and gynecological diseases. The resort is decay.

13. Biborteni

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Short Description: Seasonal spa resort, located 45 km north of Sfantu Gheorghe, at an altitude of 490 m, famous for its mineral waters.

14. Baile Bixad Maramures

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Short Description: In Bixad the spa activity disappeared and the baths were dismantled. Nowadays, there is a hospital of pneumoftiziology at the place of the former spa center.

15. Bizusa Bath

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Short Description: The resort, with a permanent character, enjoys a particularly beautiful setting in a fir-tree and deciduous garden.

16. Baile Boghis

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Short Description: Thermal baths in Boghis are located in Salaj County. It stretches over a large area with large trees, and is a shadow, maintained lawn: The pool is renovated and there are 4 pools.

17. Baile Borsa

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Short Description: Balneo-climatic and resting resort, situated at the foot of the Rodna Mountains, at an altitude of 850 m.

18. Baile Bughia de Sus

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Short Description: A treatment base and a 24-room hotel - in a word, Bughea Baths, also known as the balneoclimatic resort, "Magura Spa Complex",

19. Calacea Bath

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Short Description: The resort is 25 km from Timisoara and is known from the last century. The thermal waters found here are 38-40 ° and are recommended for diseases of the locomotor system, the peripheral nervous system,

20. Baile romane Aquae

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Short Description: The Basin of the Romans, popularly called the "spoon", is dug in the rock, it can still be seen today. It was fed with water through three springs that came from the bottom of the basin about 4 m deep, and the drain was made through a gutter